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I've eaten kangaroo from an Australian food truck, oddly enough I thought it tasted like crayfish. Swedish style crayfish, not American style.

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Frogs aren't really filthy tho. It's not like people are eating the poisonous kinds.

Horse meat used to be eaten here some decades ago. That sounds interesting.

In Norway I had whale. Tasted like cheap tuna which is odd since whales aren't fish. I also tried reindeer and moose meat.

How do you feel about duck and rabbit meat? Rabbit is fairly popular in my country. Well it's not something most people eat everyday but at times they will eat it. I don't like it much, though. Too many bones. As for duck it's nice but not very filling and it's quite expensive.
Duck is good, horse is like really good cow and I love reindeer and moose. I also ate Zebra from that food truck, tastes pretty much the same as horse. Haven't tried rabbit or whale though.
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