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I can't believe you guys enjoy eating filthy exotic animals. We're not savages anymore that live in the wilds like cavemen, there's no reason modern humans should eat this stuff.
Cow, pig, fish and chicken can get rather boring, haven't you at least had shrimp or clam?

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There used to be an Australian restaurant back in the 90s here which opened during the world fair(Lisbon got it in 199. never ate there but the menu had crocodile and kangaroo meat iirc.

As for duck, I always ate Beijing Duck whenever I'd go to a Chinese restaurant.

Whale? Well other than Norway and Japan where else is it legal to sell that meat?
Whale meat? I think it's legal in Iceland, they have shark too. Haven't really eaten that but I hear it's similar to surströmming, which I have eaten many times.
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Turtles is basically the red-headed stepchild of Nick.
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