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Originally Posted by Utrommaniac View Post
I'm a lady, thank you .

But thanks for the condolences.

He's doing okay for the moment.
My mom went down to see him today, and has probably already seen him since visiting hours were from 7 pm to 7:45. I wanted to go along, but was told that he's probably in no mood for multiple people.

We're looking at getting him into a private hospital at home, but he's otherwise fine. Just really mad because of how badly his first weeks out from home after a long while have gone. The biggest one being is that he should never have been turned loose on new medication without being supervised first. And then a whole bunch of other things, including being accused of stalking three times - which resulted in the first of two encounters with the police. Probably because of the bad medication creating a lack of awareness.

He's just been having a really horrible time and this was the just the cherry on top.


The good news is that they're letting him out of the hospital tomorrow and he's well enough that he doesn't need to be relocated or even go back to Ft. Worth. He can just return to his apartment.

A huge relief, since I've had a small nagging worry that I might not have him anymore.
I'm glad your brother is doing well now.
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