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My monitor is being a bitch. Plain and simple.

As of tonight, whenever I boot up I get a big blue screen and "OUT OF SCAN RANGE" notice from my monitor just after the Windows XP splash loading screen. I've taken it into safe mode, in attempt to change the refresh rate, but my screen refresh rate has but one setting, "Use hardware default setting." So, I figure I somehow didn't install my monitor (old ass Sony Trinitron Multiscan 100ES) properly after a fairly recent crash. It doesn't show up in the Device Manager and is just listed as "Default Monitor" when I go to Monitor Properties under the Display Properties.

My martini-riddled brain can't find a quick solution around this come hell or high water and my computer-guru husband passed out promptly after I announced my problem. Help me, Ai-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope.
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