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Victim-blaming is victim-blaming.

And the spreading around of nudes without consent is still the spreading around of nudes without consent.

For me it's the difference between stranger rape and date rape.
The violation is still very real to the victim, but people like Snake and Zap will always find a way to blame that victim for the attacker's transgressions.

If only they hadn't been wearing that.
If Only They Weren't in that neighborhood at night.
If only they hadn't had so much to drink.
If only they hadn't taken that picture...

Then that attacker would have attacked someone else. And that's what this is victim-blaming at its heart: is a security blanket one wraps themselves in in an effort to convince that their own Purity protects them.
And anyone who gets hurt deserves it.

And yes, I would consider revenge porn to be a form of sexual assault.
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