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Can it be fixed? Ninja Turtle version

I'm starting a video project called "Can it be fixed?"

In this youtube program, I will look at episodes, arcs, films, and seasons from TMNT and talk about how they can be improved. But I would like to open the floor so I can hear other peoples thoughts and ideas about how the story could be improved upon.

And by fixing something I don't mean cop-out suggestions of "The best way to fix it is just not write this story to begin with."

But say someone gave you a script to a story that is in production and told to improve it. You can't change the plot as a whole, but you can change how it plays out. You can add or remove characters that really don't add anything to the story or give them more motivation to be there.

The first thing to fix is the 2014 movie because that is the freshest incarnation in the franchise.
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