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Originally Posted by Avenger View Post
What I don't understand, is why is a world where we have games like God of war, Dynasty Warriors or Batman Arkham, we can't have a properly 3D beat-them-all TMNT game.

MIM is good, but not great enough to remains in memories.

Of course, critics could say "This is a God of War rip-off" but... so what? (and I'm not talking about the blood and gore, but more about the gameplay mechanics)

I heard the studio in charge reproduced Crash Bandicoot games for PS4 trilogy from scratch, so don't tell me a studio can't properly reproduce gameplay fighting mechanics.

PS: Ok, Batman isn't a beat-them-all, but there is still a lot of fights in the game.
Because TMNT is a licensed property, and those always get low budgets, you need big money to create something really good, that and for better and for worse TMNT is a kid's property, they won't waste huge budgets on something that sells on name alone...

And you already have a Batman Arkham TMNT clone, not as good but there's no denying the similarities between Out of the Shadows and Batman...
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