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Originally Posted by DevilSpooky View Post
Because TMNT is a licensed property, and those always get low budgets, you need big money to create something really good, that and for better and for worse TMNT is a kid's property, they won't waste huge budgets on something that sells on name alone...

And you already have a Batman Arkham TMNT clone, not as good but there's no denying the similarities between Out of the Shadows and Batman...
Batman is a license property too, but the thing is, the developers working on those games respect the source material, since its a very well known property that requires a lot of attention.

TMNT is a license property, but has the stigma that its a kids property, which is why they don't pay much attention to the source material, since there are so many different incarnations of it, they just come up with there own, Mutants in Manhattan is its own thing, even though the art looks inspired by IDW.
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