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Originally Posted by pferreira View Post
I ended up getting banned from GB Fans for sticking up for someone who says they remembered an alternate cut of the movie would you believe?
I used to see heated battles of the mythic JURASSIC PARK T-Rex shot I mentioned earlier. I honestly think it's misremembering, either from a mental image they had when watching the film or from The Lost World teaser poster, which had the Rex breaking through a wall. But some people swear up and down that shot was there. Some even claim to have seen a version that was 10 minutes longer, with deleted scenes.

Some also claim that Luke made two attempts to throw the rope in the chasm on, missing the first time and trying again. Allegedly, it was on one of the theatrical prints of STAR WARS when it was released.

I myself remember a shot in BATMAN RETURNS that I'm sure never existed, of Catwoman finding her whip in the Schreck department store and grabbing it off a rack.
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