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Originally Posted by Canadian Turtle View Post
I hope you enjoy it!

I am curious why did you need to and or choose to watch Turtle Power volume 1 with a VPN?
It wasn't on my country's netflix so VPN came to the rescue but the He-Man special did appear so no VPN to trick netflix. I liked the He-Man one, I'd just suggest that it needs better editing so it doesn't drag too much as I feel it does sometimes, overall I liked it a lot more than the episode of "The Toys that Made Us" of He-Man, I'm not a really a fan of their documentaries but the one thing they do well is editing since it flows well even though they waste a lot of time on nonsense that I'm not a fan. I know it's a bit hard to compare a full length documentary like yours to a 22 minute one but that's what I'd improve on. A shame you aren't the one doing the toys that made us, would prefer watching your version of it.
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