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Originally Posted by ZacksSoUgly View Post
This is one of my favorite Turtle movies. Second favorite out of the six we've got, actually.

The plot is weak, for sure, and the villains are forgettable - but I like that they tried something different and original. They didn't rehash Shredder, but alluded to him coming back if there was a sequel. The Turtles are pretty spot on in terms of characterization, and the Raph/Leo beef (which is usually played out) has a new spin on it that feels worth it. I love the look of the Turtles. Looks like a natural evolution of the OG Turtles into the CGI era. The voice acting was good all the way around and Morpheus narrated (haha).

I love this movie and Idk if I'd say it gets better over time, but I like it now the same way I liked it when it released.
I'm with you on much of this.
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