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Originally Posted by pferreira View Post
I realize this is off topic but how's the Ghostbusters docs going? I don't visit the GB Fans site any more so not up to date with the Buenos documentaries.
The GB docs are going REALLY well! Like the Sarge said above, the 2-hr version should be out by the 35th anniversary. I heard a sample of the score recently and it's KILLER. GBII is progressing really well.

Full throttle until the finish line. I wish there were more hours in the day.

Originally Posted by sgtfbomb View Post
Whether or not a director has final cut is usually contractual and is often a luxury many directors have to fight for. Barron's work prior mostly consisted of music videos and a handful of episodes for Jim Henson's Storyteller. His only film prior to this was a lesser known film called Electric Dreams. The chances of him getting that luxury were probably slim.

A good director knows to "kill their babies" when they negatively impact the film.
Exactly this. Every film is different. The director's job is to give direction. This isn't limited to actors-- production design, score, cinematography, etc. Big picture stuff. I'm sure Barron gave Menke plenty of direction in the first cut.

Golden Harvest just took over post-production on the film at a certain point. I kinda doubt it was anything dramatic. Barron did press for the film. It didn't sound like there was any bad blood at all.
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