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Karai definitely has untapped potential on the big screen. The turtles having an uneasy alliance with The Foot, as lead by Karai, was always an interesting dynamic to me. I'd love to see that explored on the big screen someday, once the initial Shredder storyline has been dealt with.

I think with the daughter angle, there's a lot of room to play thematically as well. Karai arriving in New York, damaged from the loss of her father, could really make the turtles second-guess the cycle of revenge they've been caught up in since birth, leading to a "City at War" type scenario for the turtles personal lives.
Although, would that be naïve to think it could take something like that to open the turtles eyes and go "Gee, I don't know about this anymore..."
Hm, I think potentially, but these are four turtles who have never known anything else, so it depends on the route you take, I think. It could also be a swelling of elements, not just related to Karai.

Now I'm rambling. Either way, would love to see a competent, badass Karai up on the big screen. Especially if she gets a chance to don the Shredder's armor.

Gosh, thinking about it, there are so many great, untapped elements from the TMNT mythos that would be exhilarating to see in a film. At least from a die-hard fan's perspective.
Turtles in Space with the Triceratons, by a competent director, sounds like an absolute blast, for one. This is such a derivative idea, but imagine if James Gunn had done that film instead of Guardians. We would have had the best TMNT film ever and a total redirect of the franchise. Not that it was ever likely, but it's a pretty dream.
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