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Originally Posted by sgtfbomb View Post
I have four major criticisms about the film.

The first is the dialogue. It's the sort of bland, unrefined, placeholder dialogue that comes from early drafts. The two cringiest lines are "The Ghost of the Jungle" and the Shredder tease at the end of the film.

The second is the visual staging. Often, there are moments that feel you're watching a "Let's Play," with disembodied one liners and visuals that feel like they are taking you away from the characters, not closer. There's also a major fight sequence laid out in a single, continuous shot. Generally, long takes and continuous shots are amazing. This one feels like you're watching someone else play a video game.

The third is the movie is too short and the action never seems to play out long enough to be satisfying.

The fourth is the A-plot is a little too direct-to-videoish. It'd be fine for a single episode fro a series, but a feature film requires something more dramatic and/or personal. At the very least, give us a previously established villain that hasn't been given the movie treatment yet.

I've had these critiques since Day One. Maybe it was because there was finally a new TMNT movie, but at the time, I was able to brush them off. As I've revisited it over the years, these setbacks have become louder, more prominent.
Your last point really resonates with me. While I hate to hamper creativity and original ideas, the fact that they gave us Max Winters (watch him show up in IDW, next thing we know) over someone else from TMNT lore is a sore spot. With the freedom animation allows, it would have been great to show us the triceratons or something equally ambitious from TMNT history.

While I'm complaining - How have we not seen the Mouser's on the big screen yet? Totally iconic. Can't wait for the day.
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