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Originally Posted by MsMarvelDuckie View Post
Sorry, but I don't consider it in continuity at all. Karai, April training, doing archeology work (Why?! She had a perfectly good, steady job as a reporter!), Splinter's ear, no Danny, Keno, Prof. Perry, etc. Raph as Nightwatcher and Leo in Brazil?! None of that ties in to the first three, Splinter made it clear they were a family (and April had a speech in 3 about them STAYING TOGETHER) so he would never have had any of them seperate in that universe. The trophy room was an Easter egg, nothing more. Half the movie makes no sense in context of the LA trilogy. And is set too far apart, besides. Nothing about it fits, regardless of whatever tripe a director or whoever tries to pull out of his ass. Even Mikey's and Donnie's jobs were completely out of continuity, given how easy it would be to be exposed in those situations. 90's movie Splinter would have thrown a fit if they were doing that!

I would agree with you as the trophy room being easter eggs, except for the fact that they added Winter's helmet and Mikey's Cowabunga Carl head meaning that these were all symbols of past events.

April could have gone from being a reporter to being an investigator. I don't think it was mentioned or said if she was a actual architect or an investigator. The reason I don't think she was an archeologist is bc of her lack of knowledge with the material such as name pronunciation. She just seemed more of an investigator.

Donnie always fiddle with stuff in the original movies so I don't think it would be to much of a jump for him to get into IT.

I could see Mikey being a party host/entertainer.

As far as being exposed I remember them being photographed in public..... So I think that cat is already out of the bag

In my opinion I think the movies are in the same universe not only bc of the trophy room but bc of references to their past "Good old days" as Casey said.

I don't think there is a definite answer whether or not the movie is cannon. Unless the director or writer said so?
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