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Originally Posted by Redeemer View Post
I would agree with you as the trophy room being easter eggs, except for the fact that they added Winter's helmet and Mikey's Cowabunga Carl head meaning that these were all symbols of past events.

April could have gone from being a reporter to being an investigator. I don't think it was mentioned or said if she was a actual architect or an investigator. The reason I don't think she was an archeologist is bc of her lack of knowledge with the material such as name pronunciation. She just seemed more of an investigator.

Donnie always fiddle with stuff in the original movies so I don't think it would be to much of a jump for him to get into IT.

I could see Mikey being a party host/entertainer.

As far as being exposed I remember them being photographed in public..... So I think that cat is already out of the bag

In my opinion I think the movies are in the same universe not only bc of the trophy room but bc of references to their past "Good old days" as Casey said.

I don't think there is a definite answer whether or not the movie is cannon. Unless the director or writer said so?
She wasn't even an investigator, per se, more like an antiquities dealer/procurer. In other words, someone who travels to archeological sites, buys or makes deals to bring items back for museums and collectors, and ships them. I never meant that she WAS an archeologist, just that she DEALT with it. But that makes NO sense when placed next to the previous movies and her firm career in television journalism, nor does her seemingly sudden transformation to martial arts prodigy. Splinter never even HINTED at teaching her, unlike in the 2003 toon. So that completely goes against her having any connection to the 90's movie version.

Casey talking about "good old days" seems like something that might have happened in ANY universe he appears in, so that's really not much of a measuring stick at all. If anything, that conversation would make more sense if the movie fit with the 2003-verse, which actually fits, given there were mouser legs and other props that had NO place in the original movies. Also, Karai. The turtles KNEW her, which only makes sense if it was a different world than the old trilogy, where she NEVER APPEARED.

Given Splinter's reaction to the Ninja Rap headline, and the professed boredom and cabin fever they had in TMNT III, I kind of feel like Mikey would never have been ALLOWED to take such a job, nor would Leo have been allowed to leave for such an extended period. Too risky. Splinter in the original three films was ALWAYS adamant about not being seen, lest others not understand. He might have been willing to bend that rule a bit where April, Casey, and a few other trusted friends were concerned, but NOT the general population! It is completely out of character.

In all, having a few props that are SIMILAR to thinfs from the trilogy movies is hardly a basis for saying it's the same continuity. It's more likely an elseworld that had SOME of the same events take place. For that matter, the mouser legs implies that they encountered Baxter at some point, which was NEVER even hinted at in any of the original films! (Even Perry had apparently disappeared by the end of SotO, so there went their only link to anyone with advanced scientific background.)
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