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Originally Posted by sdp View Post
First I hear of this, I'm all in for a Supergirl show but would it be in continuity with the new movies? Or be in continuity with the other live action DC shows? We live in a post-Avengers world and having a bunch of DC heroes around on TV and movies with references to a larger DC universe but not in continuity with each other is just stupid. And while I liked Smallville, we don't need another smallville, I don't know this doesn't sound like it'll be something that gets off the ground.
I agree. While I don't feel like a connected universe is better by default, or that DC necessarily needs to do what Marvel did, it sure is freaking weird that they've got Gotham on a separate network from Arrow and Flash, and that none of these shows seem to connect to the movies. On top of the fact that Batman v Superman looks thrown together, DC/WB just doesn't look like they know what they're doing, right now...

I'm no expert, and I'm sure the people in charge did their homework, but I can't imagine Gotham being successful. I just can't.
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