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Coney Island is now up for pre-order in TWO places:
EntertainmentEarth with an October landing date for $19.99 + ship. from a 3rd party with a December landing date for $40 + ship.

Sewer Chase is also on EE for $29.99, along with some full cases that contain the other 2017 releases (one case has a Dimension X Battle / Throne Room mix, another has the new Mike/Raph vehicles, another has the Sewer Leo/Raph sets that until now were mostly found at Dollar General, and one has the Kitchen Chaos / Mouser Attack). All set for October.

There's a case of training packs as well, where the image shows the old Dollar General training packs but has text as part of the image that says "example image, actual case contents will differ". This gives me some hope that this might be a case of the sports training packs... Kraang Dunk, Hockey, Baseball, Touchdown?

In which case, everything we knew of *except* the Shellraiser set might be available soon!?!? Woohoooo!

Originally Posted by Krang316 View Post
Thanks for the info Donnielaforge. If your looking to sell any of series 6 then please let me know. I would love a Bebop and Fish face.
There's only one Bebop & Fish Face per case, so I only have 2 of each and I need them both for my own collection. If you need any of the others (except Elite Foot, keeping all those for my army) let me know.

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