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Originally Posted by tmntman View Post
I just got notice that Entertainment Earth is shipping the Subway Chase set (the one with Raph and Fishface) as well as the case I ordered which should have the Shredder's Throne sets. The Coney Island set isn't available yet.

Now I just have to cross my fingers extra hard that I luck out when Farm and Fleet opens their toy section this Saturday.
I got a ship notice as well for the sewer subway chase and the mystery case of "training packs". Good chance they won't be the sports packs I'm hoping for but I had to try...

Sure hope Coney shows up!!

We have a chain called "Mill's Fleet Farm" which carried a lot of TMNT mega last year. I went in to one for the first time in months a week ago and almost all toys were gone, mostly "girl toys" left. Looked like they were trying to clear out all toys. I suppose it could have been Christmas prep to empty the shelves? Or they have just given up on toys.
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