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Originally Posted by TurtleWA View Post
Lol...Funny thing is that I didn’t like Manson right away. I dismissed the music as for “goth kids.” Sometimes as a kid you need to pick groups to survive. Which is sad because often you have overlapping interests with multiple crowds. This is how I thought in middle school. It wasn’t until high school I started to realize people don’t always fit in categories. But going back to Manson. Those melodies and guitar riffs are great. And I can dig the art style for sure.
Marilyn Manson was definitely a big name at around the turn of the century. As someone born in 1990 I can see how he was rather influential on the goths and metalheads of my generation.

You know, back in 2009-2012 I'd have labelled myself a "metalhead", but nowadays not really anymore. I mean, I like metal a lot but I also like other types of music these days and 95% of my music no longer consists of metal and video game OSTs.
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