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Originally Posted by ZedsDead View Post
I guess I could have worded that better. Rather, how has a Konami collection not been made yet?

So who would be the parties involved be to make such a collection besides Viacom?
The very first reply you got already answered your question, because Konami doess't have the rights for the games anymore.

To put it simple, Viacom owns the TMNT brand, but Konami "owns" the source code for the games, so Viacom can't sell the source code for any other company to re-release the games, and Konami can't re-release them again because they don't own the characters. Only way for it to happen is for Konami to buy the license again, but they're more interested in Pachinko machines and mobile games to care, heck, they don't even care about their own IPs anymore...
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