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((Still working on the layout of her room, but the first image is for her bedspread, the second is her wall paper, and the third is her outfit for the RP.))

Bed spread


Put this together on dolldivine. Couldn't get the hair exactly like it should, nor could I give her red eyes. She's just wearing the same clothes. lol

"Well... That's new."

Mystee stopped in front of the hotel, looking up at it. She whistled in awe, and was about to continue walking. No way could she afford to stay in such a place. She was already living in a cheap motel, and hardly paid for that too. She watched some as they entered and/or left the hotel. She hummed deeply in thought, eyes shifting left then right.

Maybe I'll just take a little peeksies...

With that thought, she disappeared into her mist form. Within seconds she was inside the hotel, where she reformed to normal. She moved about stealthily, trying to not be too noticeable. So far, she was liking what she saw.
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