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Originally Posted by Katie View Post
And that's my point. Any time someone doesn't vote, those who do put someone in place. If there are a lot of people who want ACA and sit around and don't vote because its too hard /unfair/ whatever...or worse, no transportation / sucky voter laws....then that minority that does show up, who are maybe against it, they get their way.

I'll never understand complaining about what the congress does or doesen't do when the majority of people are too apathetic/lazy/whatever excuse to actually go vote and support someone better aligned with what they want.

My only sympathy lies with those who want to vote but are prevented from doing so by circumstances out of their control.
No party aligns with what I want because they are all crooked and don't care about anybody. They want to force their laws on everybody and don't even stick to the promises they make. Not voting is the way to go for me because you can't trust any of these people. And as an American citizen, I have the right to voice my opinions about our unfair political system which will never change as long as we have the electoral college in place and idiot twats who don't even want to take the time to read the laws they have to get passed. And until the Constitution states that freedom of speech is allowed except for people who choose not to hole up in a booth and vote for people who really don't care about the American people no matter how much they pretend that they do, I'll continue to state my opinions of how our system is corrupt.

And my point on this is that even though people voted for the President, we still don't have a say on this insurance plan because it's up to the House and Senate to pass it and we can't really stop it. But it seems that the Senate has more common sense considering nothing has been decided yet so at least they are looking things over and really deciding what must be done unlike the House where some of the idiots didn't even read it. They did that with the ACA too.
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