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Actually it's pretty much the exact opposite with progressives who are the ones that are extremely vocal and aggressive. This lead to the rise of Trump, and now those views that were almost eliminated after the Bush administration have found new people and we have no one to thank but the militant progressives who took over what was right to further their own political agenda.

Let's take a look at Laci Green, one of the most influential people on the internet and a feminist and proponent for gay rights. Even she eventually got fed up with the BS and started talking about it so we could have a dialog over what had gone wrong and why the other side did have some points. She clearly stated she was still pretty much what she's always been but that at some point the path was lost. How did the "peaceful" progressives react? By writing hit piece after hit piece questioning and trying to ruin her reputation for daring to ask questions. I saw her being called trash by so many respected people and places from the left.

She's just the perfect example of everything that is wrong with the far left right now and the reason the far right was able to not only make a comeback but grow. Everyday the so called "progressives" keep alienating more and more people, learned their lesson they have not.

A more welcoming world doesn't exist where there is #1stworldprivilege but I guess that's too grown up for progressives to tackle.
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