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Oh, man. You really asked the right question for me. Get ready for some free-associative answers. I usually read things with music, including comics, so I've ended up with some albums pretty firmly rooted in my memory as being paired with certain books.

I don't even know how to explain this one, but for around six years now, Radiohead's "15 Step" has always made me think of "City at War" from the comics:

And "Bodysnatchers" from the same album of its climactic fight against the Foot Elite:

Really, most of that album. Again, no real connection other than thinking it fits tonally, I suppose. (Actually, maybe a little lyrical connection on the first one.)

Oh, also "Weird Fishes" for the entire Mirage series:

Finally, Animal Collective's "I Think I Can" evokes Turles for me, particularly Turtles Forever, as well. Maybe because they came out around the same time? And, again, I think they're a weirdly nice tonal fit:

Death in Vegas' The Contino Sessions album is my go-to reading soundtrack for Vol. 4. Particularly the track "Dirge," which has a beat almost reminiscent of the 1987 theme song, but obviously far more downbeat and strange.

Battles' Mirrored album is similarly my reading soundtrack for the early TMNT Adventures material.

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