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Originally Posted by sdp View Post
Read my first Boom PRs comic, it was the Shattered Grid FCBD issue, man it reeks of "mature" fanfic. I still think Lord Drakkon is cool and want him to show up in the show one day but don't get the praise of those comics.
I enjoyed expanding the cardboard personalities of the original six and it was well done yet the "what if Tommy did not join the team after the spell was broken?" alternate history swallowed so much of it. I was hoping to get more of it with Drakkon gone, at least for awhile. Yet after the patchwork team we seem to be jumping onto the back half of MMPR with Tommy in White and the Power Transfer having taken place. I thought Green No More and The Power Transfer would not necessary, but it was inevitable. The preview clearly shows that the Black and Yellow Rangers are not as familiar with battle strategies.
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