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What do you think of Reddit?

Reddit. A website everyone knows by now.

There's sub-reddits for all sorts of things, and smaller sub-reddits that are specifically about a certain tv show, musician, sports team, etc. can be generally pleasant and a place for good discussion.

But the big sub-reddits can be quite crappy at times and full of people trying to one-up each other with crappy puns and jokes in order to get 500 upvotes in one day and boos their e-peen. Also, the website REALLY is a circlejerk. You can tel la lot of sub-reddits swing more a certain way than other and if you say something someone disagrees with, even if it's something as innocent as saying you prefer beer to wine, you'll get downvoted, which makes your post invisible unless you click on your username to read it and it also throws it to the bottom of the page. This to me is a form of censorship. Reddiquette says you're not supposed to downvote someone just because they said something you disagree with, but a lot of people do that constantly. There's A LOT of people who take things too personally and can't handle different opinions there

Reddit is mostly OK to lurk and to look for answers about something you ask google. Often it gives you a couple of reddit threads links.

A lot of sub-reddits have nice premises as well, but often the userbase is quite lousy.

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