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Originally Posted by SaurusX View Post
Anyone ever notice the two different versions of the S01E16 The King? Someone just pointed this out to me. Starting at around 20:30 the versions diverge with one having far more footage.
Originally Posted by neatoman View Post
Interesting. It's not a big difference over all but the inclusion of Raph at the end is more comic accurate. I guess that version was made first and but realised it was slightly too long to air?
Well the ending WITH Raph is definitely what aired on television, I'm 100% certain of it. The version without Raph at the end might've been one of the releases on VHS/DVD. Those had several goofs. About 1/3 of one of the Secret Origins episodes was missing. Heck, they left off The Golden Puck all together from the initial release of "Volume 11" on VHS.
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