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Originally Posted by Candy Kappa View Post
But why would they, if they are well known that on itself in another price bump factor. Plus there is a huge problem in the artist community that a lot of inexperienced artists sever undercharge for their art creating this entitlement among "fans" that want art for free with no consideration of what it'll cost the artist if they don't get money for food and pay their bills.

Artists should be compensated for their work, it's a skill and a job. You don't expect surgeons to operate for free or plumbers to work for "exposure"

If they're fans they should respect the artists prices, and save up for something that is a luxury item like everyone else, or buy their prints or comics to support the artist. The fans support the artist not the other way around.

I absolutely hate this type of comments, I see it everywhere from other artists getting them to getting some myself. And yes, artists are gonna draw anyway, they aren't giving up art. But where's the incentive to draw someone else idea then their own, an artist isn't going to waste their time free or professionally to please a stranger cause "art is to expensive"

I'd suggest rather to look for artists that have a artblock and are up for requests, which is not the same as a commission, but there's a bigger chance to get your idea drawn by someone else on paper for free.

I don't really see how that makes one an scalper to commission an artist and then sell the artwork. If you don't want to buy the resell piece, commission the artist for your own artwork instead. If the artist have limited commission slots you'll just have to wait and bide your time like everyone else.

I'm not sure what you're getting at with this. The artist isn't the one flipping an artwork, what the commission client does with the artwork is their business for the most part. or are you implying a $600 artwork should have been done for $40 instead?
Seems like Iíve touched on a subject you are very passionate about. I stand by everything I said in my previous post. I respect your thoughts but do not wish to get in a back and forth over the subject. Would be pointless seeing how neither of us would change our opinions.
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