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Should the non-TMNT sections of the forums be closed down?

For one thing, the main and original reason any of us came to the Technodrome was to discuss TMNT. We're all TMNT fans here, or else none of us would have discovered this forum in the first place. The TMNT sections could use more activity, but they're there for proper discussion.

A lot of the problems of this forums in terms of trolling/controversy/bashing/debates happens in all the non-TMNT sections. The Everything Else section in particular, the Current Events section due to politics and religion, and to a lesser extent the TV and Movies section. Almost all the worst threads or worst debates with people insulting each other happens in those sections the most. You can see it happen regularly and anyone who has been there knows this is true.

If all the non-TMNT sections of the forums were closed, then people would be "forced" to discuss TMNT here, and thus all off-topic discussion can be had in social groups where you have to ask to become a member of. Granted I know the TMNT forums have debates too, but at least it's the main reason we come here.

Should all non-TMNT discussion go to social groups instead of the forums? What do you think?


And before anyone asks, no, this is not a parody thread. Let's see how this thread turns out. As I said before:

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