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Though I'd like to smack him on the arm sometimes and should in theory be tucking his tail in over the possible link between this thread and the current most inflammatory 'Everything Else' one, I have to agree with Andrew on the community thing. If the thing a forum is dedicated to is in a bit of a lull and not offering all that much to talk about, it's nice to at least keep people around a bit with other things they can connect (or debate) over.

And private groups are just too hidden, they aren't going to encourage a lurker to participate more or catch the eye of someone who isn't in it but might have had something to offer to a discussion...

Hate on the PD films all you want, but after I joined I never had time to check out other parts of the forum until that all settled down. That stuff and the series was enough to keep up with and I didn't bother with non-TMNT areas. But since that isn't really a thing anymore and the series is winding down (with little knowledge of the next), it's nice to have other sections now.


Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
It'd be like, morbidly obese people asking the government to ban all twinkies from stores so they can't even be tempted to buy them, ever.
Off topic (thus spoiler), but I just envisioned them being locked in a glass case like spray paint, razors, and other items, and requiring a doctor's note saying that they believe you can reasonably be okay with eating one of those things, that probably no one should be consuming anyway.

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