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Originally Posted by neatoman View Post
I honestly don't think I've ever read any Bane-centric storylines, I'm sure they're good but I don't collect that much Batman and the library where I read most Batman never seemed to have those stories.

It seems to me that all Bane does in TAS and those direct to DVD movies is talk about he wants to break Batman but never actually doing it. Not saying that the character is nothing but a spine trauma fetishist, just that it's pretty much all I've seen of him. I get that Knightfall is the big Bane story but that seems to be the only thing about Bane most adaptations seems to reference, it would be like having the Green Goblin pretty much only talk about how he threw Gwen off the bridge.
Knightfall is a tiny story in the grand scheme of things. "Vengeance of Bane II" was great, where he breaks free of the hold of venom and reconditions himself. "Legacy" and especially "Bane of the Demon" were fantastic and huge in scope. Bane proved himself to Ra's and took Talia as his lover, harnessing a new strain of Ebola. Also there was a great stry where it looked like Thomas Wayne may have been Bane's dad from a time he was doing work in Santa Prisca, so Bruce gives Bane a bunch of money to go and find out. Later still he became the leader of the Secret Six... great stuff, real human stories.
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