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Originally Posted by IndigoErth View Post
Yeah, it's a shame that he died way too young. Glad his kids however shared his love of it and have kept up the legacy and company. (And look forward to the Dark Crystal series starting this week!)

While I honestly prefer that today's films make use of the mocap technology's ability to capture the amount of detail and even the smallest of facial expressions, enabling them to look that much more real, it would still be interesting to see what advanced puppetry technology could do with Turtle suits today compared to the early 90s; and even back then it was impressive for the most part.

Storyteller... There's one I haven't thought of in a long time. So many good movies and shows put out by that company. Sometimes I wish they'd bring Fraggle Rock back.
I keep hearing rumors of Fraggles the movie and i think Henson company should join Hulu in joining it or amazon prime. I mean The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance which is a prequel to the Henson classic movie looks amazing and epic using a balance of practical effects, models, puppetry, animatronics, people in suits, CGI and all that just like Blade Runner 2049 and Shape of Water balanced both worlds combined in effects, even Child's Play 2019 used practical effects which was great even Mandy used practical effects as i'm glad practical is back in mainstream.

And you remember Dinosaurs? that was a funny adult comedy show the company did. Loved it since i was 9 when it first aired and you remember Farscape? loved it since i was 17 when it aired 20 years ago on Sci-fi.

I'm sure once Age of Resistance becomes a blockbuster as it's been advertised on buses and billboards, magazines, conventions and all and getting huge buzz and anticipation i guaranteed we might get the Fraggles movie, the Storyteller reboot, a possible Labyrinth sequel series with a different new villain and other projects from the company.
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