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Just dropped in to say a quick hello... and goodbye

Hey folks, I've been in therapy for my emotional issues and I even ended up spending last Christmas in a psychiatric facility after getting incredibly angry with my family. I'm still doing a lot of recovering for my problems with rage and am striving to get better. I might come back again some day, but not for a very long time.

I'm still struggling with a lot of internal resentment towards those who I had a hard time getting along with, especially those I attempted to make amends with. I know now that nobody owes me their forgiveness, but just know that I forgive you and we're all in this place because of our shared love for a quartet of awesome talking reptiles who teach us the value of overcoming our flaws and weaknesses.

If you have nothing nice to say, please move along as I don't wish to be reminded of the very thing that drove me to this point. Before I go I am asking the mods to keep a sharp eye on this thread and make sure people respect that wish, as I respect their authority and desire to maintain peace here.

And so I leave saying good day to you all.
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Sadly I no longer frequent this community, but please give it a shot. You never know who you might connect with. I will forever cherish the fond memories I have of the fandom as it was in its heyday. Peace and love to you all - Later, dudes!!!
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