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Originally Posted by Sumac View Post
The whole thing with Legion was a wasted opportunity.

They basically swapped one AI for another and made just another T800-based cyborg. Yeah, REV9 has some unique stuff, like having processor in his chest, ability to separate itself into liquid unit and endoskeleton unit (taken from one of the books, where liquid terminator TXA could separate itself into multiple units) and ability to control machines by "merging" with them, as opposed to injecting nanites a-la TX, but it's still a T800 derived cyborg.
Also its endoskeleton looks goofy.

REV8 was even more weird, what with canine legs and tentacles, but at least it was something "newer", I guess.

There are so many cool concepts they could use from comic books, like T-Infinity, which can travel through time on his own and can teleport. And he has a cool design to boot. Though maybe he looks a bit more like a transformer. Alternate, less buff design.

There are also T900s, terminator-dogs, terminator-kids, giant spider from liquid metal.
Ya I brought up T Infinity before.

I want Cameron or Miller to explain what they thought they were doing that was so different. Their whole thing leading up was...”we’re doing Terminator the right way”. I’m just curious what the thought process was for the story.

Again the future war should have always come next. I’d even say T2 was unnecessary when the first had the built-in sequel of the war. Still just in terms of this movie their vision does not really come through.

Now that I think of it Skynet might have been ensuring its existence by sending back Carl and the other terminators Sarah mentions. The name change wouldn’t matter to itself. Genisys had multiple terminators sent back too so not a new idea but Legion fits better now.

Maybe Sarah did not properly dispose of one or one went under Carl’s radar. Could have been one that arrived at the same time he did but stayed hidden.
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