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Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
They definitely had the right idea but the script sure was choppy.

Still, I'll generally lean towards "good ideas, but flawed execution" over "just plain bad ideas". To me, "Genesysises" and "Dark Fate" were just plain bad ideas that very little could save.

But the Future War movie idea that "Salvation" pursued... COULD have been good. Too many conflicting ideas during the production mucked it up, but the general direction was absolutely the right way to go.

Bale was so very obviously coked out of his mind for that one, though, that it's no surprise he was a problem. I was a fan of his casting and think he did an "okay" job, but I'm not surprised that he caused issues.
It's not that he was coked, it's that he demanded to rewrite the whole script to give himself more screen time, which ****ed the movie.
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