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Originally Posted by Wildcat View Post
Behind the scenes problems aside I consider Salvation the best sequel (so far) for actually taking place during the war with an assortment of other machines and having the heroes actually take on Skynet’s least one of them.
I applaud them for post-T3 sticking to their guns and saying, "OK, Future War now!" But not the way they went about it. Maybe a T5 in the same line could have remedied things, I don't know (but not the one McG was pushing! he wanted an army of Terminators arriving in modern day from time travel).

In my mind, T4 should have just picked up 10-15 years from T3. Show John becoming that leader. Show him earn it. But make it Saving Private Ryan/Apocalypse Now style. With machines instead of Viet Cong. Varied machines. Ease us into the craziness with plastic Terminators and dogs and all that. Then give it a big finale. And two more movies with more of that, upping the ante, maybe finishing with showing where SkyNET got the skins for the Arnold one, the Robert Patrick one, and the Kristanna Loken one. Last scene of T6 is a deaged Biehn going back in time. Done. Perfect symmetry. End it right there.
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