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I mean, probably not in the same detail but I pretty much felt that was vaguely the direction they were gonna go with things. Okay, "Salvation" underwhelmed. So? "They'll just do better next time." Simple.

The absolute last thing I expected - or wanted - was for them to just start playing the "Last movie didn't happen" card, and then repeatedly doubling down on it.

Stories are supposed to move forward, not constantly loop back on themselves. Now what WAS at one time a straightforward action/adventure story told across several films, is a tangled mess of incoherent continuity and bisecting conflicting parallel timelines which you'd need a graph or a flow chart to explain to anyone. With the cherry on top being that almost half of the movies in the series simply "didn't happen" now, which is about the laziest thing you can do from a writing standpoint, even when it's ultimately for the best. It just feels like cheating to say, "Yeah, that stuff we had you believe last time just plain doesn't count." I never really LOVE it, regardless of medium or story. Sometimes, you have to, but it's inarguably a very lazy thing to do.

And one could argue that none of it was necessary with Terminator. "Salvation" may not have been perfect or even incredibly good, but it also wasn't terrible. Worst thing about it is that it could be called a "placeholder" movie in which nothing too incredibly significant ultimately happened. It didn't screw anything up SO badly that a fifth movie couldn't have continued the same story and moved things forward in that timeline.

As soon as they threw everything out after that one, instead of trying to stay the course and just do a little better next time out, I knew the series was f*cked. It showed that they had no direction past "Remind people of the GOOD Terminator movies, over and over again", and no commitment to continuing the stories they set out to tell. "Here's a story. Oh, you don't like it? Okay, REBOOT, nevermind, it didn't happen! How about this? You like this? No? Okay... REBOOT!"

That should never, EVER be standard operating procedure. Staying the course after "Salvation" and just trying to make the fifth movie better was absolutely, 100% what should have happened. None of this double-back reboot/retcon/multiverse timeline stuff.

Nothing about the series was broken until they went and f*cking broke it.

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