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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
And two more movies with more of that, upping the ante, maybe finishing with showing where SkyNET got the skins for the Arnold one, the Robert Patrick one, and the Kristanna Loken one. Last scene of T6 is a deaged Biehn going back in time. Done. Perfect symmetry. End it right there.
Cut scene from T3 explained how T800 got its appearance.
And original script for T4 had moment where that female doctor from the beginning of the movie, shows Marcus T1000 and TX in early stages of development.
Also, early script had that Skynet wasn't trying to kill humanity, but turn people into hybrids, like Marcus.

There is a comic book sequel which plays with this idea and ends up with truce between humanity and Skynet. And John Connor becoming a terminator with a family.
Its actually pretty decent.

And I agree: erasing past works from the timeline and going for a dumb reboot is not a way to go.

At least T5 gave somewhat hopeful ending.
Now with 200,1% more poison!
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