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Originally Posted by Katie View Post
Ya don't say! You mean to tell me that THE DAY some new turtles info came out we had LOTS of people come here and...interact? You're kidding! It's like they were trying to find out more info and just found this place or something. Weeeeeird

I don't know why fresh new info coming out would make anyone want to try and find out more information on that thing, especially if they were out if the loop on it and had nostalgic childhood feelings for said thing.
Except it was literally a blurry photo that was leaked online. I know you have a hateboner for me, but c'mon. I'd understand if a teaser trailer was posted, but hundreds of people flocking to the forums after a grainy toy fair photo showing the new designs popped up? And those same people DEFENDING said designs?

You're off your meds, Kate.
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