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Originally Posted by Dr. Doom View Post
I just got The Dethklok album, but I became aware that there is in fact a deluxe version of it with like a bunch of extra songs, so I may have to try and pawn this off on someone and get the better one.
To my knowledge, the Deluxe Edition disc only has five extra songs, two skits, and some CD-Rom content including the Bloodtrocuted Music Video, the first ep of Metalocalypse's second season, and that's all I know of. Being that I've been settling for a pirated copy while I impatiently wait for my preorder that isn't a preorder any longer, I only have the audio tracks. But, I plan to pick up the CD in town in a few hours. I'll be better able to tell you what, if anything, I left out then.
Originally Posted by Spitfire666xXxXx View Post
I heard the vocals on it don't sound the same as the show? Is that true?
That was just a first impression I had. If you ask me, the season two voices sound a bit off as well. I still stand by my opinion that it sounds more like an imitation of the show than the real deal, but it's nothing to worry about. I got used to it soon enough. It's still badass metal that doubles as silly comedy. Oh, and the voices Tommy Blacha provides (Murderface and Toki) are only on the Deluxe Edition disc.
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