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Originally Posted by Autbot_Benz View Post
YJ Season 3 should have been on Netflix if you ask me.
But I think that YJ was only renewed for the sake of this streaming service. Didn't you think it was a little weird that WB suddenly announced they were producing a third season out of the blue, when toy sales were always unfavorable? Producing a single episode costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, plus marketing and whatever else; WB isn't doing this just to be nice.
DC wanted a new streaming platform and knew that it wouldn't last a day without some seriously intriguing content on it. YJ season 3 was a perfect candidate, especially after last year's big Netflix hullabaloo.
Originally Posted by Panda_Kahn_fan View Post
IDW took the OT straw and spun it into gold, while Platinum Dunes took the OT straw and spun it into manure.
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