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Character Profiles

Here is the Master Thread for posting character profiles. When posting your profile, you should include name, general physical discription, background, and a detailed discription of your characters' abilities and powers. This last one is very important. While you don't have to use all the powers you list, you can't use anything not listed, unless your character gains the ability during the game. And you cannot make your character all powerful, it's not fair.

On the subject of Combat Statistics. You'll notice that after the written profile of a character, there may be a list of "stats" or numbers. These come from the Palladium TMNT RPG system. If you are unfamiliar with this system, please, PLEASE, do not write your own stats. You may ask our resident expert, heretic888, for help to write up stats. He has a question/help thread here:

Again, please do not write up your own stats unless you are familiar with this system. These stats are used to "referee" battles. You are not required to have these stats, but they can come in very helpful in assuring a fair fight.

Have fun!
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