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Mutant High Profile for Michelangelo:

-Name: Michelangelo
-Age: 17 to 18 (approximately)
-Grade: Junior
-Species: Mutated Turtle (is not a human/turtle genetic hybrid)
-Height: 5'1"
-Weight: 175 lbs.
-Hair: Bald
-Eyes: Black
-Skin: Dark Green

-Classes: Not available.

-Extra Curricular Activities: Not available.

-Background Files/History: Not available.

-Things Not on File: Michelangelo (like his brothers) is the equivalent of a sixth or seventh dan in Ninjutsu, with several skills and 'powers' resulting from his Ninja training. He and his brothers were responsible for the downfall and reorganization of the Foot Clan (now under Karai's leadership), and the death of Oroku Saki (a.k.a. the Shredder) and his Shredder Elite. Unbeknownst to them, Saki somehow survived and has been slowly rebuilding his power and influence over the past year or two. They are close friends and allies with the Ultroms and Professor Honneycutt.

Regular Profile for Michelangelo:

-Name: Michelangelo
-Nicknames: Mike, Mikey, Michel (pronounced 'Michael')
-Alias: None.
-Age: Varies from RPG to RPG--15 ('Sins of the Dead'), 17 to 18 ('Mutant High'), 20 (all other RPGs).
-Species: Mutated Turtle (is not a human/turtle genetic hybrid)
-Height: 4'8" (at age 15), 5'1" (at age 17 to 18 ), 5'4" (at age 20)
-Weight: 150 lbs. (at age 15), 175 lbs. (at age 17 to 18 ), 200 lbs. (at age 20)
-Hair: Bald.
-Eyes: Black.
-Skin: Dark Green.
-Build: Medium.
-Powers: Natural body armor; can hold breath naturally for up to 10 minutes (can extend this to an unkown degree due to Ninja training); several 'powers' (often, like sakkijutsu, psionic in nature, although not strict psionic powers) resulting from Ninjutsu training.
-Skills/Abilities: Hand to Hand - Ninjutsu (Mike is the equivalent of a sixth or seventh dan); General Athletics; Body Building; Gymnastics; Climbing; Rappeling; Basic Swimming; Boxing; Prowl (move about with stealth and silence); Pick Locks; Pick Pockets; Basic Cooking; Disguise; Escape Artist; Basic Explosives; Disarm Explosives; Medical - First Aid; Pilot Automobile - Automatic Transmission; Sleight of Hand; Conceal Object; Detect Concealment; Creative Writing; Personal Studies - Comic Books, Science Fiction Novels, Movies; Weapon Proficiencies: Nunchaku, Paired Weapons, Bladed Weapons, Staff Weapons, Blunt Weapons, Chain Weapons, Shuriken.
-Disposition: Fun-loving, carefree, and friendly.
-History: Yeah, right.
-Intelligence Quotient: 11 (Average to Above Average)
-Mental Endurance: 14 (Good)
-Mental Affinity: 19 (Beyond Exceptional)
-Physical Strength: 16 (Exceptional)
-Physical Prowess: 24 (Almost Superhuman)
-Physical Endurance: 17 (Exceptional)
-Physical Beauty: 16 (Exceptional)
-Speed: 14 (Good)

Combat Skills (with paired nunchaku):
-Strike: +11
-Parry: +12
-Dodge: +9
-Throw: +1 (this refers to throwing a nunchaku, not a body flip/throw)
-Entangle: +4
-Damage: +11 (based on Physical Prowess as opposed to Physical Strength, same as Strike)
-Roll with Punch/Fall: +5
-Pull Punch: +3
-Body Block/Tackle: +1
-Knock Out/Stun: roll of 18-20
-Critical Strike: roll of 17-20
-Death Blow: not available

Other skills:
-Scholastic Bonus (one time bonus to all skills): 0% (based on Intelligence Quotient)
-Save vs. Hypnosis/Mental Attacks/Psionics: +0 (based on Mental Endurance)
-Invoke Trust/Intimidation: 60% (based on Mental Affinity)
-Save vs. Coma/Death/Toxins: +6% (based on Physical Endurance)
-Charm/Impress: 40% (based on Physical Beauty)

(Note: the Charm/Impress skill will only work on non-human characters, or human characters Mike knows well.)
"Ninpo began as training to become a moral people and to learn to endure in whatever social condition one is in; to know and accept one's fate, and to live for human beings and all other creatures. The person who masters all of these is a Ninja." (Masaaki Hatsumi)
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