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((warning for a fairly long history!))


-Name: Cordell Benard
-Nicknames: Cody
-Aliases: Experiment 597
-Age: 17
-Grade: Junior
-Species: (Mutant, originally human) misc., predominately feline
-Height: 5'5"
-Weight: None of your darn business!
-Eyes: Brown
-Hair: Dark brown with cream-colored stripes
-Fur: Cream-colored with dark brown stripes

-Class Schedule: undecided

-Extra-curricular: undecided

-Powers: none

-Skills/Abilities: She has no formal training, and therefore is not the most effective fighter. However, she possesses many feline traits: speed, agility, and terrific balance, as well as the ability to see in the dark, hear things that most people can't, and she has a heightened sense of smell.

-Disposition: In general, Cordell is standoffish and untrusting. She absolutely does NOT trust humans, and frequently loses her temper with them.

-Weapons: None, besides the retractable claws that tip each of her fingers and toes, and a set of needle-sharp 'kitty fangs'.

-History: Cordell was a normal teenage girl up until about five months ago (five months before the Mutant High rpg began, anyway). Then she had a routine bloodtest at her doctor's office. The scientist that was supposed to do a simple few tests also performed a few of his own, as he frequently did, unbeknownst to his superiors. It was then that he discovered that Cordell possessed a gene that made her more susceptible to the mutation experiments he had been working on. He sent his assisants to bring her in.

They came to her family's house in the middle of the night, taking both Cordell and her sister, Jolene ('Joey') by force. Thier parents, Jonas and Susan Benard, put up a fight, but they were no match for the men that had invaded thier home. The girls were dragged out of the house and taken to a private lab. They never found out what happened to thier parents.

The girls were forced to undergo experiment after experiment. It proved to be too much for the younger Joey, who died as a result.

Eventually, some of the experiments quite literally blew up in the scientists' faces, along with about half of the building that housed the lab. Cordell found herself freed of her 'room' (it was more of a cell); the building around her in flames. She started running and never looked back.

She lived on the streets for some time, hiding from anyone and everyone - mutants and humans alike. She had lost her home, her family, and frankly, her identity. She was no longer human. She'd always been afraid of and hated the mutants that supposedly existed. She'd wanted nothing to do with such freaks, and now she was one.

When she was caught one evening in an alley, without the hood of her sweatshirt up, she was certain she was going to die. She panicked and fought, slashing at the men in business suits that had confronted her. She was quickly sedated, and when she woke up, she was in a real bed (as opposed to the cardboard 'mattresses' she'd been sleeping on). She was then informed that she was going to be sent to a 'mutant' school. She resented being forced to go to school with the freaks she had always avoided, even when she was on the streets. But, of course, she had little choice.
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