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Name: Jocklyn The Hope

Race: The race of Farnisha, a dead race. He is the last of his kind.

Age: 27

Sex: Male

Appearance: A greyish green skinned creature with pointy ears and a small nose and long fingers. With him he carries Lasling, the sword of his race. He hopes with the sword and the bottle of young eggs, he hopes to bring honour and power back to his dead race.

Abilities: The ability to summon the power of his race with his sword, he also can sprint fast, but he has lot more abilities to learn.

Backstory: The lord of Farnisha was launched into a long war with the Galactic Empire, Civillia. After millenniums of fighting, Civillia finally got the upper-hand and wiped out nearly all of the population. With only a few hundred Farnish left, they knew they couldn't survive. With the amount of supplies they had, they decided to sacrifice their lives to Jocklyn, the apparent chosen one to bring power to Farnisha. As the lost base of Farnisha falls, a young Jocklyn is sent into space in a small ship with supplies. His mother and father kiss him on the head, as they send him into space, to never return. Jocklyn sees the base destroyed, but is unable to do anything as he dissappears into space, being auto-piloted to the only known safe planet by the Farnish. Earth. Years later, he lands on Earth with the batch of young eggs, and his materials, ready to take on the world, and bring back his dead species.
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