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Character Profile:
Base Informations:

Name: Zheta Saki

Human Form:

Utrom Form:

Species: Alien-Human Hybride

Race: 1/2 Utrom 1/2 Human

Gender: Female









Utrom Side:


Human side:

Miyoko Saki

Languages: English, Japanese, Utromese

Birthplace: The Technodrome

Birthday: 18.04

Zodiac: Aries

Age: 16(In Human Years)


Height: 5ft(in her bubble walker) 1-2ft in her normal form.

Weight: n/A

Brain Color: light brownish

Hair: black with a pink streak in it, covers one half of her face

Eyes: Purple/Pink on the left, Dark Red/Black on the right eye

Make-up: Lipstick(black or deep purple, like her mood)

Fashion: likes to wear shades in dark colors, else she wears nothing due to her being an utrom.

Other Informations:


-highly intelligent

Likes: Science and working on technical gadgets, ordering around Bebop and Rocksteady, mocking her older brother Napoleon, hanging out with her boyfriend Zach the Neutrino.

Dislikes: The Turtles, her brother Napoleon, recieving orders from others, bad haircuts, Jazz music, pizza, rats, lower life forms.

Strengths: Intelligence, high technological knowledge, headstrong

Weaknesses: her high ego and physical appearance

Fighting Style: Uses a special Exo-Suit. Prefers dirty tricks and nifty tactics.


Is one of 5 other DNA creations of Shredder and Krang who mixed up their own genetic informations to create the ultimate weapons against the turtles. Having both Shredders and Krangs DNA makes her half utrom and half human, a hybride so to speak. Unlike other utroms she grew out hair which comes from her human DNA donour.

Zheta is vain, incredible arrogant and has a streak for violence and cruelty towards her foes. She is also highly intelligent and has a faible for machines and technological gadgets. Being a scientist at heart, Zheta is purely thinking logical and don't care much about empathie or silly esoteric practices.

To her "siblings" she has a mixed relationship, only towards her horribly disfigured twin brother Ukuro who has to life in a jar filled with mutagen she has a close bond and is very protective over him. Zheta went so far to create a special walker just for Ukuro so that he was able to walk around without being restricted to his glass prison.

The completely opposite relationship she has however is with her older brother Napoleon which she mocks constantly because of his "lack of brain". Out of all creations of Shredder and Krang, Zheta comes the closest to Krangs personality.

She currently has a boyfriend called Zach which is a Neutrino. Zheta seems to be very close to him. Both started dating shortly after the Technodrome was banned again in Dimension X much to her creators dismay.(seeing Krangs relationship with the Neutrinos being more than ugly its totally understandable that he is not so happy about it.)

"Shredder, why don't you make love to me anymore?"

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