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Name: Kevin smith
Race: human Demi god
Language: English/ latan
Job:warrior/mythology teacher
Age: true age unknown looks late 20's to early 30's
Birthdate:march 10
Sexual orientation: strait

Skin color:white/tan
Hair color:brown
Hair style: sholder length
Eye color: green
Fashion style: where's a tan vest jeans and work boots with gauntlets on his arms
Scars: three claw marks on his chest from a big cat
Hobbies: hunting/camping/fishing/listing to music/training
Personality: +kind +loyal +caring +selfless -stubborn -very bad temper -lonely -naive
Likes:the outdoors/peace
Dislikes: croweds/seeing others in pain
Intelligence: average in most ways but a very clever fighter with years of exsparience
Strength: can lift 15 tons
Speed in mph: 45mph(the speed of 3 men)
Fighting style: wrestling/mastery of many weapons from the past(swords spears ect)

Weaponry: his gauntlets that are unbreakable/a unbreakable adamantine mace returns to his hand when thrown/anything he can find very good at improvising

Special abilitys:ageless/can't get sick/heals 10 times as fast as a normal man/his super strength/enhanced human speed and reflexes/enhanced durability/his bones are 10 times as dence as a normal humans(giving him natural brass knuckles like punches and helps with blunt force trama

Weakness:bladed weapons/posion/magic/over confident/relays on his strength over his brains in most fights/his bones are heavier then normal making it very difficult for him to swim
Theme song:it's not my time(might change it later)

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