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Title: Back to the Egg (crappy title I know. I'll try think of a better one soon.)

World: 1987 Toon.

Synopsis: One of the turtles gets hit by an age reversal ray, which makes them age backwards.

  • No profanity. (this is the 87 cartoon)
  • Don't control any character that isn't yours.
  • Don't be OP aka Let's try to avoid someone quickly defeating the bad guy and automatically curing the turtle of his age reversal. Not that i think it'll happen here, but I need to be sure.
  • No shipping. (whether it be Canon/OC, OC/OC, or Canon/Canon. Just so not to distract from the story.)
  • 1-2 Characters per person, OC count will NOT be higher than the Canon count.

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