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I have a single "big one", and I'm not sure if I'd ever get to use her in an RP, especially considering that she's AU and wouldn't really interact with any tmnt characters, besides her immediate family. But I'll share her anyway.
Everything around her is based on my question of "where is IDW Krang's mother? If she's dead, why?"


Name: Temre
Title: General
Species: Utrom
Gender: Female
Skin color: Pink, darkened beyond natural tone by sun exposure; she has a single large burn scar stretching down her left side, over some bite indention from the same event
Eye color: Blue
Family: Quanin (husband)
Krang (son)
Ny`ena (mother)
Rakyer (father)
Two younger siblings

Basic Bio
Temre was born into a massive and well-respected military family. She was the first in a few generations to even enter the chain of command; becoming captain alone was massively unexpected. She was the oldest of three children. In her childhood, she had a reputation of scaring off playground bullies who picked on her younger siblings or any of their peers.
At the same timer, she took up writing and journaling. By the time of her early military career, it had delved into an obsessive compulsive habit of writing an entry in both her work and private journals immediately before going to bed. She wouldn't be able to sleep until it was done. Through all of it, she did have two published poetry books, a non-fiction account of a war her grandfather had fought, a romance/thriller historical fiction novel inspired by her maternal grandparents from the same war, and just for fun, her favorite of childhood journals as a personal memoir (filled with side-notes and annotations).

She met Ambassador Quanin at a military gala while she was a captain, and they started courting a few months later. They tried to keep their relationship a secret to avoid press, but to no avail. Temre adored Quanin, in a way more appropriate for a highly decorated captain than a lovelorn schoolgirl; she had a sense of professionalism in her affection for him, even when she was utterly giddy.
She got her iconic burn scar during that time, while on a rescue mission for scientists and explorers stranded on Morbus. After getting bitten by a large animal, she turned a heat exhaust pipe on it, scaring it off while burning her skin in the process. When she married Quanin a few years later, she was a General, and he had resurrected the long-abandoned title of Prime Minister in the wake of the impending war with D'Hoonib. They had both made enemies with their war leader Traxus.

Even in the midst of a war, Temre gave birth to her son Krang, five years after marrying Quanin. It made her writing compulsion a little more straining, since she found herself having to write a small entry constantly before so much as taking a nap with him; usually they kept up with what he had been doing in the small space of time he was awake. She saw a bright side to it; she started keeping track of time and used it to keep up with unusual behavior if it ever occurred. A nanny/wetnurse had initially been hired to take over, but Temre wouldn't allow it, and the nanny/wetnurse became more of a personal aid, helping Temre through PPD at the beginning and then helping her keep up with her work while she was overwhelmed. She kept her work as General behind the desk and toward meetings, and brought her baby everywhere with her, and was almost never seen in a room without him when he was tiny - save for when someone who left a room with him, until she chased them down.

Some of the Utrom Empire's planets that had feminist-like groups considered her to be a perfect icon of "girl power". A small amount eventually came to criticize her for marrying (a male) and having a (male) child; It annoyed her greatly. Others praised her "girl power" for bringing Krang everywhere with her. She nonchalantly called them fickle, and went right back to nursing her baby in the middle of a meeting; business as usual. Most of the time, she pretended they were insects in the corner of her personal study: "there" and not worth any attention. She had more important things to deal with; there was a war to end, and a baby to care for.
It was a big mess of culture and species differentiation.

When Krang was learning to talk and started growing his first teeth, Temre failed to stop an attack by Traxus, getting mortally wounded a in fight with him in the process. She later died from blood loss and hypothermia brought on by her injuries. She left all her belongings to be inherited by Krang once he turned a certain age, but Quanin kept them from him until he felt that he was responsible enough to not unintentionally abuse her legacy.
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